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Two New Olympic Peninsula Watershed Shirt Designs

We have two new Olympic Peninsula watershed shirt designs out! The Hoh River and Sol Duc River have been made into beautiful custom t-shirt designs!

Hoh River Watershed Shirt
Sol Duc River Watershed Shirt

The Hoh River is found in the Hoh Rainforest, one of North America’s only temperate rainforests. The Hoh River is near Forks, WA and is fed from glaciers on Mount Olympus, the tallest mountain in the Olympic Mountain range.

The Sol Duc river snakes along Highway 101 heading west of Port Angeles towards Forks. It is a popular fishing river and is home to natural hot springs!

If you love these watershed designs, make sure to check out the other Olympic Peninsula Watershed Shirt Designs we have!

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Hand Drawn Olympic Peninsula Maps on T-shirts

Subalpine Tees has been hard at work designing hand drawn maps and putting them on shirts!

Buy them here: Seven Lakes Basin Loop Shirt – Seven Lake Crescent ShirtLake Ozette Shirt

These hand drawn maps were designed in house. They look great and can even be used if you get lost in the woods (To eat, not as a map. Please don’t use these as a map if you are lost in the woods). From the very cute little trees, swamps, and lakes, to the very imposing mountains (all hand drawn), you will really feel like you are there!

If you would like to see a hand drawn map that we don’t have, let us know and maybe we can add it to your favorite t-shirt store!

More information about Lake Crescent, Lake Ozette, and the Seven Lakes Basin Loop

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Shirt Design – The Tree of Life

Tree of Life T-shirt

The Tree of Life is found on Kalaloch Beach in Olympic National Park on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. Kalaloch is on the westernmost edge of Washington on Highway 101 heading towards Oregon. When visiting the area, make sure to visit Ruby Beach as well!

To find the Tree of Life, walk from the amphitheater area in the Kalaloch campground and head down to the beach. Head west from there about 300 yards and you’ll find it tucked into the cliff.

This design was taken from a photo taken by our designers and converted into a line art vector file by hand.

Pick from a variety of shirt colors to fit your mood (it’s essentially a mood shirt) and match your shoes.

Now get out there and enjoy Ruby Beach and Kalaloch and see the famous Tree of Life! Don’t forget to visit Forks, WA on your way too! Watch out for vampires.

To find out more info about the tree, Kalaloch, or the surrounding area, visit this site.

To buy the shirt, go here

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Shirt Design – Olympic Marmot

Olympic Marmot T-Shirt

The Olympic Marmot is native to Olympic National Park and found nowhere else in the world! We have turned this fuzzy and wonderful creature into a vector shirt design.

The Olympic Marmot (Marmota olympus) lives in burrows in groups of up to more than a dozen. They can be found in abundance in the spring and summer while walking out to Hurricane Hill past the Hurricane Ridge Lodge. Their distinct whistling call can be heard all through the hills on a stroll in the meadows of Olympic National Park.

This hand drawn shirt will get attention. “Are those rodents?” Why yes they are, an endemic species found only in the Olympic Mountains!

“Don’t those things whistle really loud?” Do they ever. Boy do they ever.

Want to read more about marmots? The National Park Service has a great article about them.

Pick from a variety of different shirt colors and styles. Buy one today!