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Shirt Design – Olympic Marmot

Olympic Marmot T-Shirt

The Olympic Marmot is native to Olympic National Park and found nowhere else in the world! We have turned this fuzzy and wonderful creature into a vector shirt design.

The Olympic Marmot (Marmota olympus) lives in burrows in groups of up to more than a dozen. They can be found in abundance in the spring and summer while walking out to Hurricane Hill past the Hurricane Ridge Lodge. Their distinct whistling call can be heard all through the hills on a stroll in the meadows of Olympic National Park.

This hand drawn shirt will get attention. “Are those rodents?” Why yes they are, an endemic species found only in the Olympic Mountains!

“Don’t those things whistle really loud?” Do they ever. Boy do they ever.

Want to read more about marmots? The National Park Service has a great article about them.

Pick from a variety of different shirt colors and styles. Buy one today!