Subalpine Tees

Northwest apparel from the Olympic Peninsula to the World.

The Subalpine Tees (True) Story

Subalpine Tees was founded in 2019 by an expedition into the Olympic Mountains that discovered like 25 previously-documented plant and animal species along with many well-known geographic features. Two explorers set out into the wilderness and only two returned with a vision to commit images of the things they’d seen to cotton blend shirts.

Subalpine Tees creates apparel for the most discerning outdoor enthusiasts. Rep your good taste while circling the parking lot at Third Beach for an hour, waiting for a spot to open up; or scavenging the coast for those last few bits of campfire driftwood after the summer hordes have laid siege; or trampling an alpine meadow to take a selfie with an Olympic Marmot.

Do you live on the Olympic Peninsula? Have you visited the Olympic Mountains? Maybe you’ve spent time waiting in line at an Olympic National Park entrance station on a hot day, sweating through your shirt. Subalpine Tees makes shirts for you. Tactically designed with colors that accentuate your pit stains, our shirts contain only the highest quality spruce fibers. They feel soft – like duff or cedar bark – evoking memories of instant coffee made over a camp stove on a cold morning.

Can a T-shirt brighten your outlook in a damp tent on a cold morning? We don’t know. Can you be bothered to leave no trace?

Subalpine Tees has your new favorite T-shirt.